Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shaking out the Cobwebs

Yes, folks, I survived Nanowrimo.

Sort of.

So, I'm shaking the cobwebs out of the blogs I shut down while I worked on my Nanobook. With that one officially ready to submit (except for the query), I'll be revisiting Darcy the dead woman, the hunky but rather bumbling Grim Reaper, and their (not always) merry romp through the Here-After.

I'm actually looking forward to it.

Regarding my quest from last year--to get myself back IN print after the boys two autism diagnoses yanked the carpet out from underneath our lives, I'll have an Amazon Short coming up on Amazon.com in the near future. I'll keep you posted on those.

While most of my recent writing has been light and snarky fare, the short will reveal my penchant for spinning angsty literare fare when I think nobody's watching. :c) I must say, though, I'm particularly proud of the story as the protag is a man with autism.

For those of you who frequent my Full Spectrum autism blog, know that it's moving to Revolution Health just as soon as I figure out how on earth I'm going to maintain all of these blogs.

I see some consolidating going on in my very near future. :)

Other than that, life is good. Really, really good because it feels so damn NORMAL.



Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Closed for Nanowrimo!

That's right, folks, the blog is down for the month of November so I can devote my attention to Nanowrimo.

If you want to check on my progress, visit me at:

http://Its (So Not) a Barbie World

Monday, October 09, 2006

Its Muse Monday!

I've decided to fire the female muses in my life. They were nothing but trouble anyway. As an alternative, I've decided to audtion and develop my own brigade of male muses. At least if they fall down on the job I can find an alternative form of employment for them.

Hmmm, employment, that rhymes with enjoyment...

So, what does your muse look like?

Its Cold Today!

First a qualifier. My version of cold is under 68 degrees. What can I say? I was a desert rat and a beach rat for so many years that my thermostat is permanently skewed. I shiver when the thermometer falls below seventy. My teeth start chattering as soon as my feet hit the tile floors in the morning.

So, for us, here in Central Florida...it feels like fall! We broke out the long sleeves this morning, bundled the kids up and , and sent them out into the frigid pre-dawn to catch buses. As soon as we got home , we did what all good Floridian's do in autumn. We turned on the pool heater.

Which means the Jacuzzi will be warm in about fifteen minutes. The espresso is brewing and cafe double mochas are on their way.

Somedays I hate this state with everything I have in me (especially how they treat persons with disabilities), but other days....like this one...when I can spend a morning in the jacuzzi, watching the cranes and egrets soaring over the lush live oak reserve our yard backs up to....well, I have to wonder why I ever whined at all.

So today, I'm meeting my muse in the Jacuzzi. I have grounds for an hour to myself anyway. I hit the 75% mark in the rewrite this weekend, and synopsized my new WIP, It's (so not) A Barbie World. YA for a change. I can't wait to dive in. All puns intended, of course.